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Our menu include dishes such as:
Bong Bong Chicken or Deep Fried Wontons, Did you try our famous Satay Burger Chicken or Beef 沙爹汉堡, also we have Khmer Satay Dishes, Noodle Soup, Fried rice 炒饭, Fried Noodles 炒面 炒果条, Sichuan style dishes 经典川菜系列, Tofu 豆腐, Chicken 鸡肉, Pork 猪肉, Seafood 海鲜, Egg Foo Young 芙蓉蛋 and our unique hot pot experience in Dunedin.

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In Asia, a Sampan is a flat bottomed wooden boat used for transportation and fishing. Literally meaning “three planks’. They were the vessels holding together a community and a source of food for the people. Sampan St Andrew St brings together the flavour of Chinese and Cambodian cuisine into the heart of Dunedin. We serve a variety of traditional Khmer Noodle Soups and homemade Satay with our delicious Satay Peanut Sauce. As well as a wide range favourite Chinese dishes. We have also included Hot Pot (aka Steam boat) into our dining experience. Famous for its hot stew, It is the perfect company on any Dunedin Day.

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